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Ethereum 2.0 will never be launched in July, Ethereum Core programmer confirms

by CoinGainGuru
  • A core developer of Ethereum has confirmed that the release of Ethereum 2.0 isn’t scheduled for July this season.
  • Vitalik Buterin in addition has clarified in a statement he have not confirmed a release date for Ethereum 2.0.

After Bitcoin’s halving, the release date of Ethereum 2.0 has occupied the eye of the crypto community over the last days. Because of the launch of the test networks “Topaz” and “Schlesi” and the approaching fifth anniversary of Ethereum, it had been expected that the launch would happen soon.

This appeared to have already been confirmed by the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. During his participation in the Consensus Distributed event, Buterin was thinking about the important milestones Ethereum has already reached within the last months. The introduction of all these testnet is area of the prerequisites for the launch of phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0. In this sense, Buterin said when asked if the release date would really maintain July:

I think so, Ethereum 2.0 already has two testnet, Topaz and Schlesi, launched yesterday (…) That’s the initial phase of ETH 2.0 that may bring the Proof-of-Stake (…) It’s continue on all fronts.

Ethereum 2.0 will never be released on the anniversary date

However, the core developer of the Ethereum, Afri Schoeden, stated via his Twitter account that the progress continues to be lacking for the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 mainnet. Regarding Buterin’s statements, Schoeden supported developer Marco Levarato (no affiliation with Ethereum), who said:

It’s impossible which will go reside in July, there isn’t the official multi client testnet which “coming soon” testnet needs 2 months of flawless run. We have been in the mid of May.

The community demanded Afri to elaborate about them. Therefore, Afri added that the ultimate specifications haven’t been implemented in virtually any client up to now, nor a coordinated testnet premiered. Afri also said that it’s “simple math”. Enough time necessary for the testnets and the task that remains to be achieved helps it be impossible to launch in July. Furthermore, Afri had this to say about Buterin’s comments:

Going on stages or panels and putting out dates isn’t helpful at all. I don’t think Vitalik said July. But I didn’t start to see the talk.

Buterin himself clarified that there is a misunderstanding. In accordance with him, he didn’t hear the term “July” in the question and for that reason admitted he made a blunder. Not surprisingly, Buterin maintains his position that Ethereum 2.0 “is on track”.

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